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M. Director

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Eyal has experience of over 20 years in driving digital transformation programs, developing digital products and providing management consultancy services for start ups, SMEs and multinational corporations.

He is focused on delivery of industry solutions, along with managing key alliances and partnerships.

He was the CEO of Quince HU at Quince BV, a digital marketing and advertising agency, where he built and managed a large-scale e-learning and content analytics platform for brands & retailers in EMEA.


He is one of the co-founders of, a provider of a SaaS and online portfolio services for arts & culture professionals, where he was responsible for new product development and scaling software development.


He spent several years leading a global program for HP Inc (Hewlett Packard), bringing in his expertise in UGC to drive HP's global strategy with customer ratings & reviews that includes aggregation and syndication programs focused on eCommerce innovation for the brand and retailers in 35 countries.

Eyal is currently Managing Partner 

at Exadel HU

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