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We are looking for talent

Applying for jobs can be confusing and difficult. At Ediyal, we strive to be as open and transparent with our current and future employees as possible.


We are a growing team based in Budapest which is part of a larger global organization with 2,500 employees that provides digital solutions to clients around the world in several sectors such as tech, finance, marketing and healthcare.

We use agile practices to solve complex engineering problems for clients such as Deloitte, Google, HP, Santander and Starbucks.


If you are looking to be part of a growing team and work on international projects, then take a look below at our current open positions.

Work Desk

April 10th 2024

January 5th 2024

January 5th 2024

March 10th 2024

April 5th 2024

March 15th 2024


We look forward to your application

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