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Software Development Center

Independent IT department

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At Ediyal, we specialize in establishing dedicated software development centers that offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Whether your goals involve research and development, process enhancement, product updates, or new developments, we stand ready to establish a customized center for you. Allow our team of IT experts to assemble a self-sufficient IT department that aligns precisely with your needs, enabling you to concentrate solely on your business growth.

Our Software Development Centers stand out as the pinnacle of excellence within our service offerings. Should you require a fully-fledged IT department to oversee all aspects of your software development operations, this option is tailored precisely for you.

It represents a comprehensive, all-inclusive service designed for seamless digital product delivery. Rooted in extensive IT expertise cultivated over years of experience, we are positioned to provide unwavering support across every phase of the software development lifecycle.


This support spans from the initial groundwork, involving meticulous business audits and strategic design, to the systematic execution of the outlined phases. Trust us to navigate and optimize your software development journey with precision and proficiency.


European Development Center

Save Time and Money

A flexible and transparent approach

Opting for nearshoring in your software development proves to be a both time and cost-effective strategy for expediting your digital transformation. By outsourcing the recruitment process and eliminating the expense of maintaining an in-house IT department, you can singularly concentrate on your growth, with Ediyal's consultants readily available to provide dedicated support.

Budapest Office

We are located in the heart of Europe

Agility and flexibility are in our DNA

We consistently align with our partner's project management methods and tools, ensuring adaptability and agility, all while upholding complete transparency. Our commitment extends to going the extra mile and promptly addressing evolving requirements when needed to attain optimal results, and we steadfastly uphold uncompromising standards of quality.

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