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Eyal Zucker, Managing Director of Exadel HU, at a Board Meeting Simulation in Corvinus University

Organized by AmCham Hungary and hosted by Professor Ted Boone as a key feature in the International Business Seminar, provided students with hands-on experience in corporate decision-making and strategic discussions.

Zucker, alongside notable industry figures like Robert Keszte, CEO of Continental, and David Kohegyi, Senior Executive at DLA Piper, shared their expertise during the simulated board meeting. The goal was to offer students valuable insights into the dynamics of real-world business scenarios and decision-making processes.

Zucker played a pivotal role in steering students through the intricacies of boardroom discussions, enhancing students' learning experience and underscoring the dedication of industry leaders to nurturing the next generation of business professionals. The board meeting simulation at Corvinus University emphasized the importance of practical learning and collaboration between academia and industry.

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