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Management Associate 

We are looking for a management associate to join our team. You will manage mostly business related tasks such as engagement with clients, vendors and business partners, and other organizational tasks. To do this role properly you should have strong communication skills, some knowledge of Microsoft Office apps, and be fast at solving issues.

The Time

Open position:

Management Associate 

Role Description

The role is a key support primarily for the Managing Director, in the day-to-day management support, development and execution.


  • High level of English written and spoken

  • Naturally organized

  • Ability to manage information flows

  • Comfortable with stakeholders engagement

  • High level of emotional intelligence

  • Basic financial management

You will:

  • Handle triaging and drafting of written communication

  • Engage with partners and service providers

  • Manage information flows

  • Schedule and attend meetings

  • Deal with basic financial management

  • Oversee planning and organizing

  • React with situational appropriateness

Position type: Part time/Flexible

Location: Budapest

Level: Associate