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Working with industry leaders,

Ediyal is an expert at driving digital transformation programs with a focus on user generated content (UGC) and eCommerce innovation.

Headquartered in Palo Alto and the founder of Silicon Valley,

Ediyal is working for HP since 2012 leading eCommerce programs globally focusing on UGC and Channel.


Funded by the StartupYard accelerator program and angle investors, is A SaaS online platform with more than 10,000 art professionals subscribed from around the world.

A global leader in agile software development & innovation, to whom

Ediyal provides digital solutions and program management.



An online platform for artists and designers that publishes profiles & exhibitions with exclusive content and interviews. Artqol features a curated collection of stories behind artists, designers and their works.

In 2006 Eyal established the Quince HU subsidiary in Budapest where he was the Managing Director. A digital marketing and advertising agency, at Quince he led the company with focus on large-scale e-learning and content data driven platforms for brands & retailers in EMEA.



Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.
Some leaders feel the very term “digital transformation” has become so widely used, so broad, that it has become unhelpful. You may not love the term. But love it or not, the business mandates behind the term – to rethink old operating models, to experiment more, to become more agile in your ability to respond to customers and rivals – aren't going anywhere.
Even organizations that are well down the digital transformation path face tough ongoing hurdles, like budgeting, talent struggles, and culture change. Eyal provides leadership & consultancy for organizations at various places on that road to change.





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